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New York escorts are one of our company's main specialities in outcall service. Customers from the USA are among our most important and regular clients thanks to the vast geographical range of their business and tourist travel itineraries wide and the exceptionally high expectations made of the girls booked to new york escort assignments.

We are always pleased to organise your booking for NY escorts and any other available service provided for destinations and cities throughout the USA. In this regard the company's main priority is not to deliver an escort service to the US destination direct, but first and foremost to provide accompaniment on holiday and business trips for American citizens abroad in general and to island resorts of the Caribbean and countries of Western Europe in particular.

This is due to the fact that fulfilling a NY escorts booking means getting a travel visa for each assignment and in a number of cases the processing of visa applications is subject to delay and difficulties involving visa formalities. For detailed information on how to book, phone direct to our call centre or send us your enquiry by .

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