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Imagine a day out exploring the sights with a beautiful Petersburg escort girl. Or just a sexy wild night of pure indulgence with one of our gorgeous escorts? Amongst all our other services, Petersburgscort can easily arrange the most luxurious limousines for any occasion. These stretch limousines have every luxury. Personal bar, video screens and telephone. All you'd expect from a first class chauffer service.

There are few cities internationally that offer so many wonderful sights and sounds as St. Petersburg. And a limousine with a Petersburgscort lady explaining all is a most perfect experience.
St. Petersburg, the 'City of the Czars is an ever altering treat. Summer in St. Petersburg? It's all outdoors and endless twilights. Autumn is all golden sunsets and gold leaves drifting slowly, silently to the ground. Winter in St. Petersburg is fresh chill air and snow and kids playing in the white new powder. Then Spring arrives and the city awakes to the sun again. St. Petersburg is always a pleasure. An unending, always changing vista of scenic delights and historical sites.

Even Peter The Great, when he created St. Petersburg, his 'window on Europe could not have imagined the glory and beauty of today's city. Combining real Russian heritage with the most modern, St. Petersburg is again one of the great cities of the world.

We welcome you to our home city of St. Petersburg certain you will enjoy every moment.

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