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Hiring International Escort

Monday, August 9th, 2010

When you are hiring an international escort to give you company in a new city or to accompany you to a business dinner, you need to know the ground rules clearly so that you can have a wonderful experience hiring your international escorts.

As soon as you think of hiring an international escort, you will have to finalize your program and the timing so that you can make your bookings at the right time. Secondly, you should tell your escort agency or escort service provider all your requirements clearly so that they can match an escort that meets all your requirements to the last detail. Many people presume that they will automatically get an escort that they will like; this need not be necessary. If you do not tell your preferences to your escort agency, they have no way of knowing what kind of escort you would like. If you have any special preferences on the costume of the escort, then you must be very clear about this factor as well. Many a times people presume that their escorts will arrive in a costume that meets their requirements. Your escorts will have no way of knowing your plans unless you tell your escort agency. For example, you may be planning to take your escort to a business dinner and you would want your escort to come in evening dress formal enough to accompany you to the dinner. If you do not specifically request for a certain type of costume, you are very likely to be disappointed when the escort arrives and it is not the mistake of the escort to have come in a costume that is different from what you expected her to wear.

When the escort arrives, make sure that you treat her nicely. Just because you are paying her for her time does not mean that you can treat her anyway you like. If you have such an attitude while hiring an international escort, then it is not going to help you a great deal. Only when you treat your international escort well, she will be more inclined to reciprocate your treatment and may even go out of her way to keep you happy.

When you are hiring an international escort you need not be afraid of any legal problems as it is perfectly alright to hire escorts. You may prefer to keep it discreet but it is totally up to you.

It is a normal industry practice to pay your escort in advance. So keep her fees ready before she arrives so that you can pay her as soon as she arrives. If you want to extend her time, you will have to again make the payment at the start of the next hour.

Whether to tip your international escort or not to tip her is totally up to you. If your escort has offered a satisfactory service, then tipping her will make her happy. If you hire the same international escort she will make extra efforts to keep you happy.

Why Is It Good To Book Your Escort Through An Escort Agency?

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

If you are planning to hire a Russian escort for company, you can do it in two ways. You can hire an independent escort or you can book your escort through an escort agency. If you are new to hiring Russian girls, then you are likely to be confused whether you should hire independent escorts or book your escort through escort agency.

Those who have vast experience in hiring escorts regularly always prefer to hire their escorts through escort agency. It is not without reason that these people prefer to hire their escorts using escort agencies. There are certainly many advantages with this option.

First of all you will have many options with regard to the choice of your escorts. Escort agencies work with many escorts. They will be able to easily match someone that meets your specific requirements, tastes and preferences. On the other hand when you book an independent escort, you will not have much of a choice.

Secondly, Russian escort that you book through an escort agency tend to offer better services as they are answerable to the escort agency. This is not the case with the independent escorts. When you book an independent international escort, they do not have to report to any one and not all independent escorts offer good service to their customers. In case, your experience did not turnout to be what you expected it to be you an always take it with your escort agency. Any good escort agency that is worth its salt will try to make it up to you if you have valid complaints.

There is yet another important factor that you need to take into consideration while you hire Russian girls and that is your personal safety. If you are picking your Russian escort from the street corners, there is no way you can guarantee that these are safe people. On the other hand when you hire your escort from an escort agency, they would have done all the homework on your behalf and have only escorts with a clean history in their database. This will save you from a lot of trouble especially when you are in a new city hiring your escort girls.

Many people think that hiring an escort through escort agencies will cost them more. Escort agencies do charge a commission fee which is included in your escort fee but the rates will still be much cheaper when you book your escort through an escort agency because the rates are moderated by the escort agency. Whereas, independent escorts are free to charge anything they like and to make up for days they did not have any business, they may try to extract as much as they can from you. So why pay more when you can get much better services at a lower price?