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VIP escortA true VIP escort always has an international character. As a rule, clients of a VIP escort service are people of high standing, who hold an important position in business and are frequent travelers. This is not surprising - naturally, having reached a certain position, such people already feel like they are international citizens, rather than belonging to a single country. Their business activities have a transnational character, but they prefer to vacation in paradise-like places far away from each other, flung around different oceans and corners of the earth. Tahiti, the Galapagos Islands, New Caledonia, Sun City, Baden Baden - and then on to San Francisco or Munich for an important meeting in three days.

The VIP escorts invited by the men also have to be able to cope with such a demanding timetable, as does the escort agency that organizes the trips. All of our models have not only a first-class appearance and top communication skills, which is of course necessary for escorting at this level, but they are also vivacious, active and fully capable of adapting promptly to a stressful schedule and long-haul flights, without losing a fraction of their charm. Equally, the agency, thanks to its own specialized tourism department, takes responsibility for everything connected with organizing plane tickets and obtaining visas. You will always be provided with detailed information about all the options and the current situation of your order.

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