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USA escortsGlamour escort agency - assignment for the USA. This service is of exclusive model quality designed to satisfy the most discerning and demanding tastes. The recruitment of our model resource is carried out by screening girls from the top modeling agencies of Europe. In our escort review,  beyond the condition of premium physical sexiness  for a glamour escort and the necessity of good English, good interpersonal skills and a well- developed personality and intellect it is added that they should show a genuine personal candidness. Only when the girls demonstrate a genuine desire for interpersonal contact and making new, cosmopolitan acquaintances,- a wish to bring pleasure during their contacts with clients and to get pleasure from their work, can we be satisfied of their suitability for our escort assignments.

You can book a local escort from our agent in a particular region. We would like to make a proposal with regard to some of the fabulous Caribbean resorts as an option for an escort accompaniment. The provision of our travel escort to these destinations is facilitated by the fact that most states in the region do not require Russian citizens to have travel visas, as well as by the relative proximity of these destinations to many of the largest population centres of the USA - Las Vegas escort. To invite an escort model from Russia to America, a visa must be issued. This process can sometimes involve fairly complex protocol procedure and take quite a long time. For further information we would ask you to call us direct or send your enquiry to us in writing by e-mail. 

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